Working towards a zero-waste, wildlife-friendly Kingston - and world - one step at a time.
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How to reduce your waste plastic

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 Over a trillion plastic bags  
OUR VISION is a zero-waste UK and an end to our throw-away life-styles, leading the way to a zero-waste, more wildlife-friendly world. OUR MISSION is to work with others towards that, one step at a time.

On waste, the first steps would be taking our own bags whenever we go shopping and
plastic-bag-free shops, then streets, then Kingston and other London boroughs... The next step would be a UK government ban, or realistic charge on single-use, throwaway bags. We hate waste of other kinds too so we campaign and work towards less packaging, less use of plastic bottles, less litter, more re-use of materials, more recycling...
On wildlife, the first steps would be recognising the value of making space for nature and cultivating pollinator-friendly plants in Kingston - see our
"Living Landscapes" section. 

"Plastic bags are a small part of
a much bigger problem - the litter we see around us and the long-term effects of our throwaway life-styles on the environment and wildlife,” says co-ordinator of the Kingston campaign, Marilyn Mason. “but giving them up is one of the easiest ways for both shops and shoppers to make a difference. We don't need so many of them, and bags lying on our roadsides or floating in the river are not good advertisements for the retailers that supply them. I hope that raising awareness about their impact will encourage shoppers to get into the habit of taking a bag with them and retailers to stop giving them out automatically." 

"If we were all to minimise the use of plastic bags and bottles, to resist shopping in places where they were most used, and to favour retail outlets that offered alternatives, it would not only conserve energy, but also significantly enhance the appearance – and thus the aesthetic pleasure - of our local environment, where at present roads and rivers are littered with plastic waste."
(Professor Kate Soper writing on "alternative hedonism")




Typical plastic litter around Kingston       

bags in river thames 



plastic bag litter Kingston  

Litter bin by the river 

 bag in fence


HIGHLY COMMENDED GREEN CHAMPION, GREEN GUARDIAN AWARDS 2009: Greener Kingston co-ordinator Marilyn Mason won a Highly Commended certificate and an apple tree at the Green Guardian awards ceremony at the Rose Theatre in January 2010. Photo here.

As Towards a Plastic-Bag-Free Kingston (our previous name), we were commended in the 2008 Green Guardian Awards.  

AFFILIATIONS: Greener Kingston is a member of Kingston Environment Foruma Friend of
Transition Town Kingston and affiliated to Greener Upon Thames, the London anti-plastic-bag campaign that began in the neighbouring borough of Richmond. We had an award from UnLtd in 2008 to help us start up and enable the printing of awareness-raising resources. 


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