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Peer Led Advocacy, Research and Training


Providing quality services and consultancy to a variety of different services including Commissioners, Local Authorities. Peer support groups and Community Interest Companies, Social Enterprises, NGO's and various charities. Specialties include Harm Minimisation, Substance use and all surrounding issues.







Personal aims and community outcomes include....


  • Consultation and promotion of inclusion at all stages of individual journey.
  • Increasing penetration into hard to reach groups and reducing representation statistics once treatment is complete.
  • Supporting reintegration into community by means of mutual aid support groups specific to the needs of the user / ex-user community.
  • Signposting to relevant support and treatment options and ensuring the best treatment experience for those in the system.
  • Working closely in and around existing services, promoting scientific, evidence based initiatives , subject to updates and reviews as and when legislation is changed or new research becomes available'
  • Individual needs and feedback collated from the stakeholders of each service. (Service Users)
  • Reducing the risks and harms to people who use drugs, family members and significant others.
  • Exploring cost effective ways to provide the best experience at every phase of development journey
  • To promote sustainable recovery from all issues relating to addiction and its surrounding issues.


I strive to provide a platform for effective partnership working,  peer support and volunteer options, for all members of the community, providing training empowering and enhancing personal growth through regular needs assessments and directives focused on the needs of the community in conjunction with current governmental requirements.


I promote and have helped initiate representation at all relevant board meetings in relation to discussion that specifically reflects the needs of the wider community, I have acheived this by creating surveys and consultancy options with recovering individuals and professionals with both the needs, and wants, of all in mind.


I openly advocate for the inclusion of service users at all meetings promoted and supported by relevant services or groups that could be of benefit to their growth and support this with healthy social networking, personal training and information sharing to enhance the experience.


I have helped build a supportive and productive environment where an inclusive developing community can evolve and thrive. I have also initiated fund raising options to ensure that most can be fully self supporting. This creates a unity and a therapeutic alliance that mutual aid groups build their success on, a likeminded and all inclusive developing community.  


In order to promote transparency and clarity I regularily meet with individuals in their own environment as I feel this promotes a more productive interaction and engagement for a number of reasons. It allows for more 
flexibility and puts individuals needs at the forefront of all interactions.

All interactions are solution focused and based on evidence based information drawn from a number of reliable and recommended sources for guidance,and support, towards a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle.

All interactions promote inclusion and reintegration into the community. Especially if there are exceptional reasons as to why there has been a break from society on the whole, hospital stay, incarceration, etc, training around program known as....


'The Warrior Down Program'  


People I work with in the community include but is not exclusive to....

i) Those who are treatment naive or not engaging in support services, The outcomes of interactions here help to bring a new and extensive outlook for potential growth within the community with regards to service improvement and growth to meet the ever evolving needs of the individual and promote a more attractive and accessible service for those accessing treatment. Support includes emotional, mental and physical support options with a range of support incorporated by already existing services as well as one to one support. 
ii) Those who are accessing treatment who would like advocacy and support through treatment phase. Befriending service has been offered in the past through group involvement. Previous group involvment has been made up of volunteers and peer supporters who have been trained and have exprience of treatment support options. This has also offered a platform for consultancy around experience of service provision with a view to opening discussions with relevant services as a platform for potential growth to suit individual needs and wants. 

iii) Carers, outreach workers. family members, and all professionals that may come in contact with an individual on the journey of development and discovery.


I provide Information and training around trends and new substances with a view to ensuring minimum harm and risk to substance users and  professionals with a view to expanding knowledge around current and coming trends, etc. enabling them to better cope with ever changing drug use and related risks.  
The benefits of the outreach service provided is specifically designed to meet hard to reach individuals where they are at, in their own environment which in turn promotes early intervention options and ongoing support from the outset. Building trust and breaking down a number of potential barriers to treatment.


Principles of engagement


  • Non-judgmental, non-directed interactions where service user is accountable for all final outcomes, respecting all avenues towards full recovery.
  • Non-conventional approach towards meeting the needs of individuals where an understanding of heath and safety policies is paramount to all involved, however,  a personal risk assessment can also be validated, showing respected  for each individual when meeting on a one to one basis rather than a blanket policy to cover all. And respects individuality, respect and personal choice, the essence of recovery. 
  • Interactions also include early crisis intervention, signposting towards professional support and/or a number of mutual aid supportgroups,
  • The ideal scenario when finishing in any area is to leave a solid platform for mutual aid groups specific to needs of specific target groups to flourish and leve no element of vulnerability out in the cold.  

Potential outcome of interactions on this level has been proven to improve treatment outcomes and promote sustainable recovery in all aspects of an individuals lifestyle. It also improves penetration levels into the hard to reach community and through clear and precise knowledge sharing with target group higher retention rates for a more productive experience throughout process.


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