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The Value of the Community for the Modern Population


There can be no doubt that as mankind has 'progressed' technologically, politically and economically, that local communities have suffered as a consequence, leading to deprived areas which has resulted in, or exposed, an evident increase in social inequality, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, addiction, criminality, and an increase in mortality rates.

This is becoming more and more evident as we strive to survive in our respective areas under the added strain of political agendas, unrealistic demands and false austerity.

Local authorities under guidance and accountable to the care act, are now in a position to promote and incite a more inclusive approach when reaching out to, and supporting, the wider community leaving no-one un-represented without appropriate care.  #everylifematters, localism significantly reduces the scope of responsibility making the landscape more compact and manageable. Everyone has a responsibility to work towards improving thelocal community in every region.


  With Drug Related Deaths on the increase and global statistics reaching epidemic proportions, we need to make a stand and demand a more comprehensive approach to saving lives. Addiction is a public health issue that warrants a public health response. The criminal approach to dealing with addiction has had absolutely no positive impact on demand, supply, risksor harms and the effects of this approach have filtered into all aspects of the community where add to the multiple needs to self medicate using whatever is available at the time. Our children are effected, our elders are effected, everyone is effected in some form or another.


The only way to take control of drugs is to decriminalise and regulate.  Working with those who have first hand experience of what it's like to be dependant, addicted, vilified and ostracised from society.







 Naloxone is one element that has proven just how isolated the user community has become from the very services that are commissioned to support them.

 Can you think of any other life threatening condition that has created such a global stand off between high risk individuals and those who claim to have their best interests at the core of their manifesto for effective provision?




This particular battle continues, sadly as part of a much larger battle for a full comprehensive public health approach rather than a criminalise and punish approach.

As does the case for medically supervised consumption rooms, facilities where there has never been a fatality to date. Improved penetration into the community of hard to reach individuals, probable single point of contact for many street users, minimalised health risk, mental, physical and emotional, less drug paraphernalia left lying about, environmentlally friendly, (in-exhaustable listings continued in real life) Everything someone might hate about addiction or people who use drugs, contained in one building, sterile, safer for all.  Win, Win situation really, out of sight and amore saferoption for the whole community. Another common sense approach, another battle, another sign that human and civil rights seemingly don't cover vulnerable people who use drugs!

Despite the majority of general public approached, pharmacists and GP's campaigning, and environmental health experts, to mention a few, agreeing that this is a positive step, we arebeing prevented from taking it for reasons that seem trivial when looking at the bigger picture.....

Useless but interesting fact: Have you ever noticed when you go out and talk to various people about similar issues and solutions, everyone avidly supports you! Makes you wonder just who is opposing at times?







shock or excite (someone) into taking action:

"the urgency of his voice galvanized them into action"

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