Future Plans for Northumberland Park

November 2015

Lots of replanting now completed by contractors to replace the Sycamores that were thinned.

Including Oaks, Yews, Alder, Horse Chestnut, Monkey Puzzle, Hymalayan Pines, Giant Redwood, Tulip Tree, Crab Apples, Cherry, Whitebean and Box and Privet hedgeing.


15th July 2015

More borders down main drive planted.

Playing field climbing frame nearing completion


9th July 2015

Planting of borders commenced.



29th May 2015

Meeting room now ready for use




17th May 2015

New swing and zip wire frames in place.

5th May 2015

Fences up on Playing Area to commence improvements.


1st April 2015

The Lions have returned


20th February - Park now fully open to the public again. Contractors portacabins removed and only fences still around the Pavilion/Cafe building.



21st January - Stream below bowling green by the rustic bridge with the water re-circulation system in operation.





16th January - Topsoil for flower beds being laid infront of Park Pavilion/Cafe and fence around the building ready for majority of the park open to the public on 19th.








Plans to revitalise Northumberland Park are well underway.


The local authority was awarded £109,000 form the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop final specifications for the revitalisation of the park ahead of a £2.2m funding application. This was achieved in July 2012.

The award is the latest success for North Tyneside Council's Excellent Parks Programme.


Northumberland Park, which lies between Tynemouth and North Shields, opened in 1885 and is comprised of woodland areas, formal gardens, pond, bowling greens and a play site. It has been described as a highly-valued and popular green space for the people of Tynemouth and North Shields.


The Lottery investment will enable major restoration work to start in earnest on the park's historic features and will drastically enhance the current visitor facilities. Once completed, it will once again be a first-class resource for the surrounding community and visitors to enjoy.


The park includes many interesting and unique features including a pet cemetery and the medieval remains of St Leonard's Hospital. The council wants to ensure they are better protected, preserved and interpreted.


The broad aims of the scheme are to:

  • Restore lost features including cast iron railings, Band stand, historic planting schemes, fountains and park furniture
  • Provide essential new visitor facilities to support the park's long-term future, which will include a café, toilets, community room and terrace within the formal gardens.
  • Improve management and maintenance regimes
  • Improve both physical and intellectual access to the park and its unique history

Work will get underway in the Autumn and will be completed by late 2015.

In April 2013 a party of the Friends went to William Lane Ltd Foundry in Middlesbrough to see the seats being cast. First two wooden models had been made of the two halves of the seat legs then each half was placed within a metal collar which is filled with silica sand. The sand is compressed and then injected with CO2 with hardens the sand. The wooden model is then removed and the impression of the seat in the sand is then painted with black lead and spirit, the spirit is then burnt off. The two halves of each seat leg mould are then placed exactly on top of each other guided by posts, weights are placed on top and the molten metal is poured into this mould. After overnight cooling the seat legs are removed from the sand and cleaned. This is using the same process for casting that has been used for hundreds of years and how the origonal seats would have been manufactured.








Click here to see examples of the plans.