Welcome to the Friends of Carlisle Park!

We are a group of local people who wish to participate in the protection and improvement of our park.

We are fortunate to have this green space for all its users to share.

Some enjoy strolling around the park. Some bring children to play and enjoy the open space.

Some walk their dogs and meet up with friends!


Pavilion Crocuses Under the trees


If you would like to help The Friends of Carlisle Park (FoCP)  look after this valuable green space, please look at our 'Getting involved' section.

The Friends of Carlisle Park is a not-for-profit organisation associated with the South West London Environment Network. 

Features and facilities in the park:

  • Car parking
  • Changing rooms
  • Bowling Green
  • Cricket pitch
  • Football Pitch (Junior)
  • Play for 7 - 13
  • Play for over 13
  • Play for under 7
  • Tennis court



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The Friends of Carlisle Park
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