FORCE is involved in several projects at any one time.  These vary from small scale one-off surveys to larger scale work alongside our partners.

Below are listed recent projects in which FORCE is or has been involved.  Click to see PREVIOUS PROJECTS...

Project Title
Community Learning Project

This project built on previous environmental improvement and community engagement projects which FORCE and partners have delivered in the green spaces along the River Crane. Heathrow Community Funding enabled a programme of education with local schools, community learning of traditional conservation skills, walks and talks, plus a Green Gym in the London Borough of Richmond. 

Mill Road Interpretation

FORCE worked with TCV and Richmond Council to open up an inaccessible area at the end of Mill Road. The site and neighbouring estate was once a working mill, home to an exiled king, and a 17th century military hospital. An archaeological survey and historical images form the basis of the interpretation put in place in February 2016 with an explaination of the modern environmental significance. Our thanks to London Community Foundation and Richmond Civic Trust for funding.  Please take a walk along Mill Road to see !

FORCE worked with Trafalgar Junior School to develop an exhibition focused on the children’s’ understanding of the history of the site, presented as The Mystery Mill held at Twickenham Musuem. 

FORCE 2015 / 2016
Duke's River Project In 2014 local people successfully voted in the Mayor's Big Green Fund II enabling £157,500 funds for the Duke of Northumberland River, as reported in July 2015. Improvements have been made especially in Silverhall Park and the walk along the Duke's River from Kneller Gardens to the A316. More details, plus a map, are on the CVP website. We have a walk along the route in February, come and join us ! GLA, CVP, ZSL, FORCE 2015 ongoing
Citizen Crane Project

The Citizen Crane project started in April 2014 in conjunction with ZSL, Frog Environmental, and with the help of a network of 50 volunteers, monitors water quality and ecological value every month at 11 sites throughout the Crane catchment.  In 2016 summer we also undertook an “outfall safari”, volunteers walking the full 30km length of the river, recording and assessing a total of 235 surface water outfalls.  Eight of these were deemed to be sufficiently polluting for immediate investigation by the Environment Agency, and the overall data set will be of great value in prioritising investment by Thames Water. The first year's data and report are here. The Crane Valley Partnership website has more on the project's purpose and the 2016 report.

Report on the winter 2017 pollution incident

FORCE, ZSL and Frog Environmental 2015 ongoing
Crane Wetlands Project A mapped summary of the actual and completed projects along the River Crane CVP April 2015
Balsam Bash Himalayan Balsam is an invasive species which populates the banks of the River Crane and overcomes native species reducing plant diversity and their support of local fauna.   Annually FORCE link with several other organisations to remove the balsam. The Balsam Bash is a fun day out as the balsam is so easy to remove giving a great sense of achievement.   Co-ordinated by Crane Valley Partnership Annual