Kelsey Park is situated in Beckenham, in the London borough of Bromley. The Friends are a non-profit organisation founded in 1997, currently consisting of upwards of 600 members, whose objectives are to secure the conservation, protection and improvement of Kelsey Park as a place of historic and ecological interest and natural beauty, and to promote the conservation of the natural flora and fauna of the Park, and its retention and to encourage the enjoyment of the Park's features and facilities.

Disclaimer: Due to the problems with our existing website (, which have been ongoing since the end of July 2015 we have requested that it be closed down.

This is our new and only website – (note the .uk suffix).

The Friends of Kelsey Park no longer have any interest in or responsibility for any content whatsoever in the former site, and we ask that you remove any references you may have to that previous one.

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