Elsham is a small rural village that nestles under the Lincolnshire Wolds in North Lincolnshire.

The parish council consists of 7 members elected from within the parish and a part-time clerk.The parish council represents the lowest tier of local government and is drawn from the electorate of the village.

Funding is by precept levied on households within the village. The council's powers are limited to local issues, and the representation of villagers' views to the principal authority.


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I don’t know.................”   as the sixties song goes!

This could be the last time the “Elsham Leader” appears in this format.

It is for you to decide.

We have been approached by the publishers of the “Low Villages Newsletter” with a view to the “Elsham Leader” being incorporated into their publication.

There would be 10 issues per year and it would be delivered free as now, but cost the Parish Council through the precept £1.00 per household per year. A similar cost to the present “Leader”.

Each village has a dedicated page, but if they do not fill it, the publishers do so with adverts.

The choice is, as now, a news letter dedicated to Elsham only, or a larger one with information from Worlaby, Bonby, Horkstow and South Ferriby...

The Parish Council wants to know what you would like, so email lguest@talktalk.net or phone (01652) 680679.

Larraine Guest (01.12.2014)


Upcoming event

Elsham Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Meeing of Elsham Parish Council - held at Elsham Village Hall