Please see the below report from Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, produced by the Rural Housing Enabler at Devon Communities Together on behalf of Community Impact Bucks.

VAHT have requested attendance at our next Council Meeting to discuss the report.

Housing Needs Survey June/July 2017

20:17, 03 Oct 2017 by Patricia Lambert

You may be eligible for a payment if you live in the homeowner payment zone.

Who can apply

Your house or 25% of the total area of your property must be in the homeowner payment zone.

You must be the owner occupier of a residential, agricultural or commercial property.

An owner occupier must:

  • be the freeholder or a leaseholder with at least 3 years left on the lease
  • be living in or running a business from the property or have done so for at least 6 months in the last 18 months if the property’s currently empty
  • have bought the property before 9 April 2014 for Phase 1 and before 30 November 2015 for Phase 2a when the proposals for the homeowner payment were announced

Distance from line of the route                 Amount

Between 120m and 180m                             £22,500

Between 180m and 240m                             £15,000

Between 240m and 300m                             £7,500

08:42, 30 Sep 2017 by Jemma Dyke

Below are notes from the recent meeting that Angela Macpherson and John Bercow attended with the Chairman of East West Rail Rob Brighouse.

At our meeting we emphasised that this meeting was not to object to the delivery of the line itself which is acknowledged to bring economic benefit to our area, but to ensure that the construction of the scheme is considerate to the key issues in the locality, that it commits to considering the 'asks' from the community and delivers the project with sensitivity. 

We provided maps of the local area that will be impacted by the scheme and the surrounding parishes affected including Grendon Underwood, Edgcott, Calvert Green, Charndon and Steeple Claydon and Twyford. We also viewed a video of the potential rural HGV route that showed pinch points on the route, dangerous junctions, concealed entrances, school bus stops and much more. We hope this was helpful.

Our discussions focussed primarily around:

1.  Traffic impact and the lack of clarity around the figures provided to date. It was noted that the recent consultation did not contain accurate information (significantly underestimated) and this has been acknowledged by the EWR team. For example the number of daily HGV movements were quoted as 12 but we are informed there will 84 per day although as yet we have not been provided with revised information.

Further, the consultation is based on using haul routes throughout which have now been removed with a further likely increase in traffic movements on the local road network. Other alternatives to reduce traffic such as the reinstatement of haul routes were discussed and/or to consider the suggested use of a haul road for ALL vehicles to access  the compound only from the trunk road at Bicester.

We also emphasised  the significant safety issues this poses for the local road network

 2. The combined impact of the HS2 scheme and EWR was discussed. Both schemes meet in this locality and as time lines have changed for delivery of both, it is likely that peak construction times will be the same,  causing maximum potential disruption to the community. There is considerable concern that the consultation scarcely touched on the combined impact. Additionally the community remain unclear as to why EWR cannot place their compound within the HS2 maintenance depot location which is only 800 metres away.

 3.  Alternatives for the proposed compound at Charndon were discussed. There is much local concern about locating a compound in Charndon, particularly its location opposite the community centre and school bus stop, near a playground, an area of protected woodland and an area of protected grassland which we believe is not safe by design.

Since the decision not to electrify the line has been taken it is questionable whether the compound is required at all since the bridge does not require rebuilding which, we understand, that was the main premise for the site location. The removal of the compound would effectively remove the majority of community concerns not just in Charndon but the wider community. We request the requirement for a compound at Charndon be reviewed with the aim of replacing the lines between Bicester and Calvert using rail mounted plant similar to the techniques used to deliver Evergreen3. 

Additionally the proposal for swapping the construction compound with the ecological mitigation area were tabled and to date this has not received an adequate response.    

4.  Throughout our meeting we referenced the inadequacy of the consultation which closed on 11th August. Examples include the fact, as previously mentioned, that the consultation is based on using haul routes throughout which have now been removed with a likely increase in traffic movements on the local road network.

The decision not to electrify the line.

The lack of details regarding noise and ecological impact . The noise assessments do not show the combined effects of the impact of HS2 and EWR or contain any impacts from the compounds or traffic. These assessments drop off at 55dba but should be carried out to show the effects o the nearest buildings where the ambient noise is measured at 29dba similar to the heat maps produced by HS2.

Further, there is no mention of the effects on the local ecology and rare species such as turtle doves and white letter hairstreak butterflies. 

We believe the current timetable as it stands to deliver this project does not enable residents and local communities to respond as they have not been equipped with the correct facts. For example we have been told repeatedly that the duration of the compound will be used for 2.5 years but the consultation gives a duration of 7 years.

We discussed the experiences the community has had with the current community engagement team. We asked for consideration that the consultation may be rerun. 

In summary our key 'asks' from this meeting are as follows:

 - to re-look at the alternatives put forward regarding the location of the proposed compound at Charndon 

 - to provide evidenced assurance that EWR and HS2 are working to provide a combined impact assessment for this locality where the lines meet 

- to respond on the inadequacy of the recent consultation and how you propose to rectify this matter

20:19, 25 Sep 2017 by Jemma Dyke

Below is the agenda for our Parish Council Meeting this Friday 29th September.

Meeting Agenda 29 September 2017

20:03, 25 Sep 2017 by Jemma Dyke


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