CASPA’s Big Bang club for children with Autism aims to give inquisitive minds a place to explore ideas, have fun, make a bit of a mess, learn some IT skills and enjoy each others company.

The experiments are all hands-on, with everyone getting involved around a table so everyone can see what everyone else is doing, help one another and talk to each other about what’s happening.

The IT sessions aim to introduce the group to new ideas, tools and software. So we cover everything from Microsoft Paint to Microsoft PowerPoint, software coding to creating Comic Characters.

Past projects include designing t-shirts, creating magazine covers and putting together ‘All About Me’ presentations. Where possible we allow the group to integrate their own interests and hobbies into the projects (e.g. designing a Minecraft T-Shirt or creating a YouTuber magazine cover). Our aim is to give out amazing young people greater life chances & increased opportunities to access employment in the future.

Date and Time:  Wednesdays term time only 6.30-8pm
Age: The Big Bang (Science & Technology project 7-13yrs)
Address: The Hawes Down Children’s Centre,
Hawes Lane,
West Wickham