BVA Summer Quiz Answer Sheet Where in Yorkshire am I?

Question - Answer

A cooking apple-  Bramley

Nottingham outlaw goes to the seaside - Robin Hoods Bay

This last placing to win money at the Grand National - Horsforth

This bear raises a lot of money - Pudsey

Homes built with whale fat - Blubber houses

Early morning moisture on summer fruits - Dewsbury

A lorry driver’s snack cut short - York

Relax at this tea party - Boston Spa

I almost flew across this part of Yorkshire - Flying Dales

Pink bird comes down to earth - Flamingo Land

Frogmore House and Westminster Abbey link - Queensbury

What you breath in at Scarborough - Saltaire

You don’t want to be left on here - Shelf

To give them a real thrashing - Drub

Mr Richard has lost a lot of weight - Lightcliffe

You don't see enough of this oldest female Corrie star - Emley Moore

He chooses engagement jewellery - Pickering

In the middle of two types of wine - White Rose Centre

Where jailed sailors live - Brighouse

Mr Reynold’s programme about a famous British painter - Burton Constable

Mr Marvin’s microwave goes off - Bingley / Tingley

Jeering the boat at Hull - Boothferry

Bird plummage hung at old mother Shipton’s cave - Featherstone

This sister is about to pass out -  Nunkeeling

Wanderers looking for a holy place - Bolton Abbey

Tower of London bird’s old wound - Ravenscar

Fill up the pot for tea from the hole outside - Kettlewell

Grave robbers chicken for certain - Birkenshaw 

Where I keep Young, Yardley and Yates in my cabinet - Filey

Earnie’s golf buggy Elsecar Exceedingly good clothing - Kiplingcotes

This play school toy was the heaviest - Hambleton

Adding up some old Dutch money - Gildersome

The top room in the home - Lofthouse

Gordon Ramsay is put out to pasture - Sheffield

University professor has to buy himself out of jail - Baildon

A South African antelope - Elland

The underwater part of the ship - Hull

6-4, 4-6 in tennis - Settle

My sister thinks I weigh a lot - Brotherton

This pussy scored three goals - Catterick

Lazy person - Idle

This German rents out a house  - Hunslet

The person at the front of the race - Leeds

Long-eared rabbits in the mountains - Harehills

The funny part of a candle - Giggleswick

This undergarment is buried underground - Neverthong

The centre of a pig - Middleham

Mr Chegwin and kung-fu Bruce join together - Keighley

Sunbathing on a mountain - Tan Hill