Robert Burns Statue Restoration Appeal

Original Statue

  • The Statue will be restored in 2011.
  • Thanks to the enthusiasm of the committee members, financial gifts from Local Councillors, Michael Connarty M.P. and a few overseas well wishers and the hard work of Stuart Eydmann, Senior Planner of West Lothian Council who has co-ordinated the provision of monies from the Bathgate Partnership Centre and Maple Oak plc the statue will be restored and sited beside the New Lindsay House in South Bridge Street.
  • In line with its aims to conserve artefacts of value to the community,  the Society  launched an appeal in 2009 for donations for the restoration of the classical Victorian marble statue  "Highland Mary" which depicts Robert Burns pledging his love to Mary Campbell.  
  • Burns immortalised their love in his poem "Highland Mary".    The poem inspired the artist, Hamilton C. McCarthy  to produce this fine sculpture in the 1870's.    It was exhibited at the Royal Academy, London in 1880.  
  • Its subsequent whereabouts were unknown until it surfaced in the 1940's; at which time it was owned by a man named Anderson.    He offered it jointly to Greenock Burns Club and Greenock Town Council on condition that a mutually acceptable site could be found.    They were unable to reach agreement on a suitable site.
  • Anderson's brother who lived in Armadale inherited the statue and had it transferred to his garden.
  • He, in turn, left it to his son who in 1952, gifted it to Bathgate Town.
  • The Council erected it in Kirkton Park,  where it had pride of place.  
  • Sadly in the 1970's it was vandalised. 
  • Currently, it languishes in a park shed.
  • The services of Edinburgh based sculptors - Graciela Ainsworth have been retained to effect the restoration.

The appeal was launched on Scottish Television by Joe Welsh and Billy Millan, founder and curator of the Bennie Museum, Bathgate.